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There are dozens of mobile electronics dealers and installers in Miami. So what sets Visionary Motoring apart from the herd you ask? It’s the fact that we wrote the book on quality craftsmanship, inventiveness, and bringing the unfathomable to reality. Visionary Motoring is staffed by a highly specialized, experienced and certified team of technicians that will handle everything from the consultation to the walk-through of the installed product in a fashion which is unparalleled in the industry. We will take the time to learn your performance expectations, help compare and choose the right equipment, and answer any questions you may have regarding product or installation. Our salesman are also installers so you know you’re getting the right product to fit your needs and vehicle.

In the mobile electronics, choosing quality a component (or components) which best suit your needs is only part of the equation. What good is the best equipment if the installation is subpar? That’s why the ultimate success of any system; whether it’d be audio, video, navigation, security, etc.., relies on choosing the right gear, integrating that gear seamlessly, and installing it in such a way that we are confident in offering a lifetime warranty on any installation we perform.

Each vehicle has its own DNA, and every client has his or her own performance expectation of the equipment they wish to install. This is why more drivers and auto collectors choose Visionary Motoring over the competition because unlike other shops in Miami whom deal rarely with imported high-end exotics or classic hot-rods, Visionary Motoring has had its hand in everything from show stopping Ford Model A’s, to the latest Lamborghini Murcielagos. We have built numerous show winning vehicles and when other shops say it can’t be done, they themselves call the Visionary Motoring Team.

Your experience with us will be unlike any other you have ever had with any service provider. With that in mind, Visionary Motoring’s quest for your ultimate satisfaction begins with an initial consultation to understand your mobile electronic needs. Once your vision has been established, we will then help you choose the right equipment to make your vision a reality. Once installed, we will guide you through the systems functions to make sure you have a full understanding of how they work, answer any questions you may have, and make sure your new system meets or exceeds every expectation.

The same unrivaled standards apply to our marine division as well. Boating is one of the most exciting hobbies there is, but when your electronics fail out at sea, it quickly turns into a nightmare. For this reason, Visionary Motoring installs every marine component to an exacting standard using only the absolute best in marine grade hardware and utilizing our very own installation process which virtually eliminates the possibility of electronic failure due to poor installation practices. We offer lifetime warranty on all marine installations when paired with our budget friendly service plan and we can even repair installations done by others. We cater to ALL vessels from inflatable Zodiacs, to Donzi’s, to even 130ft mega -yachts. No job is too big or too small and I guarantee you will be impressed by how your new equipment works and the confidence you will have when you’re out at sea knowing your marine electronics were installed by Visionary Motoring.

With this said, I look forward to working with you in making your visions reality. In helping you choose the right components for your next installation, also in making your commute more enjoyable and stress-free. I want to thank you for visiting us here at Visionary Motoring and we hope to hear from you soon.

Hugo Leon

Technician/ Founder/ Owner Visionary Motoring
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