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Want to add some tunes to your Polaris, Spyder Can-am, Dune Buggy or ATV? Then the possibilities are endless when you team up with the Visionary Motoring team. Whether you’re looking for a basic radio and two speaker upgrade, or a rolling, all-terrain discothèque, you’ve come to the right place. We can seamlessly add a system that will hold up to Mother Nature’s abuse and hold strong for a lifetime of use. We utilize the same installation process for ATV’s, UTV’s, and bikes that we use on marine vessels. So no matter what upgrade you decide to go with, you can feel confident that whatever we install will outlast the vehicle or bike. How about cranking some tunes from your iPOD while cruising on your Can-am? We can add a 4 speaker system with an amplifier without ever breaking a sweat. But the buck doesn’t stop there, motorcycle cruisers can benefit from upgraded sound packages as well. There’s nothing like cruising on the highway to Foghat’s – Slow Ride. So if you’ve got anything on wheels that’s in need of some sound, give us a call and we’ll hook you up.
Going far out into the uncharted? Going hunting where cell phones are useless? Even if your intention is to take a break from your stresses back in town and find sometime for yourself, safety should never be forgotten. By installing a CB radio on your UTV or Dune Buggy you can feel even more at ease that no matter where you are, your chance of reaching help if needed are drastically improved. And of course, we utilize our marine installation process so there aren't any movie-like breakdowns when your being chased by pirates or monsters.
Protect your toys from thieves with a security package form Visionary Motoring. We can add all sorts of cool features such as remote start, proximity sensors, starter kill, and even quarter-sized waterproof remote controls so you never have to worry about a dead remote – even if you accidentally jump in the pool with it. It’ll be like having a personal bodyguard alongside your baby at all times.
Want to stand-out from the crowd? Or how about drive up somewhere, park, and walk away from your bike or Buggy as it drowns the street with light? Then have your lighting installed with us and you won’t be disappointed. We can even add H.I.D’s to improve your night-time visibility or a remote controlled spot light to your UTV for when you’re out at night. These are the only lights you’re ever going to want to look into. We can all agree that a well lit chopper or sports bike is an eye-catcher.
From winches so you can do some heavy duty work, to fog lamps, if it’s electrical and you want it installed, chances are we’ve done it. Have a problem that you need a solution for? Give us a call and we can recommend or even engineer the perfect solution for you.
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